Morning Tour

Looking For What To Do in Pokhara? Experience Tibetan Culture with Our Morning Tour


Departure: 5:30 a.m.
Return: 01:30 p.m.
We provide pick-up and drop off services to and from your hotel.


Our tour guide Mr. Thupten Gyatso will offer well-informed information and will welcome questions from our guests as well. You can also read more here about Tibetans in Nepal.

Our tour includes lots of explanation about Tibet, Buddhist culture and Tibetan people living in Nepal and how well Tibetans have preserved their rich Buddhist cultural heritage, in Nepal, as refugees.

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A must-do In Pokhara, review from Trip Advisor
“A must-do in Pokhara” – TripAdvisor
Program includes:
  • Visit a monastery and attend the morning group pooja (prayer chanting) with the monks and hear the horns, drums, conch shell, trumpet, bell etc used during the prayer.
  • After that enjoy Tibetan breakfast in a local family home, where you will get a taste of Tibetan foods like tsampa (Roasted barley flour), butter tea and Tibetan bread.
  • Meet a Buddhist monk and also learn about their monastic life and their daily studies and activities in the monastery.
  • Discover the arts and crafts of the Tibetan Plateau – and learn how Tibetan people introduced and continue to make Tibetan carpets in the settlements.
  • Likewise learn about the symbols and images that are so important in their daily life.
  • Afterwards Meet a Tibetan doctor and learn basic information about Tibetan medicine and how it is used in treatment. You will also have a chance to have a first-hand experience of a medical checkup from the doctor.
  • Visit a settlement photo gallery and learn how Tibetan settlements were established in the early 60’s.
  • Learn about Tibetan schools, kindergarten and our educational system in the Tibetan settlements. But we are sorry to say that visitors are not allowed inside the school and kindergarten.
  • Also enjoy simple Tibetan momos & thenthuk in a local Tibetan restaurant, inside the settlement, in the afternoon.

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