Chitwan Jungle Safari Package (3 Nights / 4 Days)

Trip Details

Chitwan Jungle Safari packages offer a wilderness of rich ecosystems that includes mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals of several kinds. The highlights of this park are the 500 Asian one-horned rhinoceros and some hundred nocturnal Royal Bengal tigers that live in the dense forests of the park. You will discover a lost world of towering trees and twisting vines, of pre-historic rhinos and lumbering elephants, crocodiles, pythons and deer; brilliantly colored birds and if you are fortunate – the superb Royal Bengal Tiger. Sharing a home with these are other animals like rhesus monkeys, grey langurs, deer, leopards and wild cats etc. Another important factor adding to the Chitwan experience is the colorful Tharu Culture, their way of living, culture and tradition and heart-touching Tharu Dance. Here you will do many activities like Jungle Safari on the elephant back, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive and much more.

Package Highlights

  • Explore the Chitwan National Park or community forest.
  • Jeep/Elephant Safari
  • Discover the unique tradition and culture of the Tharu people
  • Tharu Stick Dance

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01
Arriving in Chitwan- after 6 hours Drive from Kathmandu or 5 hours from Pokhara, you will arrive at our hotel about 1:30 to 2:00 pm. It would be a good time to have a meal.

Village Tour and Visiting Elephant Stable
Of all the animals, elephants are probably the most graceful. Our naturalists will take you to show Elephant Stable. They will explain the nature and habits of elephants. The unique Center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephants and trapping for domestication. And you will also see the sunset.


Cultural Program
In Chitwan, there are Tharu social groups, which show their unique performance. In the evening before dinner, Tharu cultural dance performances used to be held. During this performance, you will be holding drinks and roasted meats to make you more entertained.

Day 02

Wake-up call.


Canoe ride along the Rapti River. This an excellent opportunity for Bird Watching and for seeing the 2 rare species of crocodiles; the Marsh Mugger and the fish-eating Gharial. + Jungle Walk + elephant breeding center.


Jeep Safari: Our four-wheeled jeep drive visits the less disturbed areas of the park giving an opportunity to view rarer species. You will visit ox-Bow lakes and the museum which is not open during the monsoon period. However, during the period, we visit the 20,000 lake area, which offers a wide variety of birds and mammals.


Day 03

Wake-up call.

Elephant Safari. After breakfast, you will do an elephant safari. The elephant safari is for 1 and a half hours. An excellent opportunity to see four different kinds of deer, rhinoceros, wild bore, monkey, leopard, sloth bear and the Royal Bengal Tiger (If you are lucky). You will also encounter many other smaller mammals that have made Chitwan their home.



Day 04
Wake-up call.
Departure to the Sauraha tourist bus park.