Meet your guide

At Tibetan Encounter Day Tour, our goal is to give you an authentic experience that broadens your horizons and introduces you to Tibetan culture and the wonderful people who live in this region of the world. My name is Thupten Gyatso, and I have been in the tourism industry for 20 years. Today, I am proud to operate this company and guide visitors through one of the most intriguing locations on Earth.


As a Tibetan refugee, I have in-depth knowledge about how so many Tibetan people came to live in Nepal and how their customs, commerce, traditional medicine, music, arts and handicrafts, religion, and lifestyles spread throughout the Tibetan refugee settlements there.


My Personal Story 

 I was born in 1974 in Riphuk near Gonpa Ghar in Upper Mustang, Nepal, but the story of how my life began there starts with my parents in 1959. That was the year when my parents fled Tibet on foot to escape the horrendous upheaval and Tibetan guerrilla control that existed in the region at that time. They lived there for 14 years before Nepal shut down the guerrilla operation and allowed the structure of permanent settlements. One year after I was born, in 1975, my family lived in one of these called Jampaling Tibetan Refugee Settlement on the road to Kathmandu where I would enjoy my young life like many other Tibetan children in those times.

Global Interest in Tibetan Culture Rises

As I became involved in the hospitality industry as an adult, I soon learned how many visitors from other parts of the world wanted to learn about Tibetan culture and the people who now live in Nepal as refugees. To satisfy tourist interest in my unique people, I launched Tibetan Encounter Day Tours and now offer a variety of unique tour options.

  1. Morning Tibetan Cultural Tour

2) Morning half-day Tibetan Cultural Tour

3) Full-day Tibetan Cultural Tour

4) Half-Day Tibetan Cultural Tour

5) Afternoon Tibetan Cultural Tour

6) Morning tour with Sarangkot sunrise

7) Sarangkot sunrise morning half-day tour.

Are you ready for a grand adventure in Nepal? Are you curious about the Tibetan people, culture, and unique history that led them to this area of Nepal so many years ago?

Contact me at Tibetan Encounter Day Tours to learn more about our tour options and to sign up for your exploration of some of the most intriguing stories in this region of the world.

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