Paragliding is the sport in which a wide canopy resembling a parachute is attached to a person’s body by a harness in order to allow them to glide through the air after jumping from or being lifted to a height. It is also the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a fun, safe way to experience flight in its simplest form.

Paragliding is the simplest form of human flight and we provide tandem paragliding service. It involves two people- the pilot and the passenger.

The passenger will sit in front with harness built for comfort and safety and enjoy the view once you take off with the pilot. Paragliding is a lifetime experience and if you want to try it in some point in your life.

Pokhara is the perfect place to do it. Looking back you won’t regret it. Open all ages all you need is to give it a try.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Why to do Paragliding in Pokhara?

When you have come to Pokhara, you have not done full justice your holidays. If you haven’t hopped onto a tandem flight to enjoy a bird’s eye view of beautiful Pokhara. As a platform to help you create happy and enduring stories, we provide top-notch paragliding service so that you do not miss out on the complete Pokhara experience and have the quality time of your life.

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