Sarangkot Sunrise with Morning Tibetan Cultural Tour in Pokhara, Nepal

Sarangkot Sunrise with Morning Tibetan Cultural Tour

Pokhara Tibetan Cultural Tour: A Sunrise and Morning Tour Excursion

Departure Time: 04:30 am

Return Time: 02:00 pm

We provide free pick-up & drop services to and from our respective guests’ hotels located in the Lakeside area.

Our pick-up time may vary depending on the season, but we will inform you of the exact time the day before the tour. We aim to leave before sunrise, so be sure to provide us with your hotel name and room number for seamless pick-up.


But we charge extra transportation fees only for those guests whose hotels are located outside of the Lakeside area depending on their hotel location. Please provide us with your hotel name and room number for your pick-up.


Sarangkot Sunrise with Morning Tibetan Cultural Tour Pokhara is an unforgettable cultural experience that takes you on a journey into the world of the Tibetan people. It is a unique and educational tour that is operated seven days a week.

At the helm of this tour is a passionate guide named Mr. Thupten Gyatso, who was born and raised in the Tibetan settlements in Nepal. With his rich history and deep connection to the area, Mr. Gyatso has extensive knowledge of both the history of the Tibetan settlements and the Tibetan people themselves. As a Tibetan himself, he is dedicated to educating clients about the Tibetan settlements in Pokhara, Nepal. He is the only Tibetan offering these types of tours, and his passion for preserving and sharing the Tibetan culture is evident in every aspect of the tour.

Our tours are focused on providing an immersive cultural and educational experience, offering a deeper understanding of Tibetan culture, religion, and the lives of Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

Join us for a memorable and enlightening journey as we delve into the lives of Tibetan refugees in Nepal and the preservation of their rich cultural heritage.

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Embark on a Sarangkot sunrise with a Tibetan Cultural tour for an enriching journey into Tibetan culture. 

  • Depending on the sunrise time, we will drive early in the morning to Sarangkot Hill to witness the beautiful sunrise and enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains. Please note that weather conditions may affect visibility. 
  • Visit two Tibetan Refugee settlements near Pokhara valley.
  • We will visit a Buddhist monastery but can’t attend the morning group prayer chanting. Because the sunrise and morning prayer chanting are at the same time. 
  • Enjoy a traditional Tibetan breakfast at a local family home.
  • Interact with a young Buddhist monk to learn and understand more about Buddhist monk’s life and their education.
  • Learn about the meanings of Buddhist symbols in daily life.
  • Learn about Tibetan Schools and their educational system.
  • Visit a Tibetan carpet showroom and learn about how the Tibetan carpets are made by hand.
  • Discover the history of Tibetan refugees at a photo gallery.
  • Meet a Tibetan doctor and gain insights into Tibetan medicine.
  • Enjoy an authentic Tibetan lunch at a local restaurant.
  • We also provide gluten-free food options, such as plain rice with veg/non-veg curry.

What’s included:

  1. Pick-up and drop-off services
  2. Early Morning Sunrise and Mountain View  
  3. Two different Tibetan refugee settlements 
  4. Tibetan breakfast 
  5. Buddhist monk.
  6. Learn about the Tibetan educational system from our knowledgeable guide.
  7. Tibetan carpet showroom
  8. Photo Gallery
  9. Tibetan medical center
  10. Tibetan doctor.
  11. Tibetan lunch 
  12. Tea, coffee, fresh juice, and mineral water 


A rich and immersive experience of Tibetan culture awaits!

In conclusion, the Sarangkot Sunrise Morning Tibetan Cultural Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beauty of Tibet and its people, guided by Mr. Thupten a passionate and knowledgeable tour guide who has a rich history with the area. Join us for this unforgettable cultural experience and discover the world of the Tibetan people for yourself.

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