Pokhara Half day hike / sightseeing tour

Pokhara Half-Day hike / Sightseeing Tour

Start: 8:30 am

End: 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Duration: 4 to 5 hours


# Professional Local city tour guide

# Trekking poles if needed

# All Entrance fees

# Mineral Water

# Lunch

# Transportation in a private vehicle


No alcoholic drinks

What should I bring on a hike?

For our one-day hike, please ensure you bring a small bag to carry essentials such as a camera, tissue paper, cell phone, etc. It’s also advisable to bring a hat to shield yourself from the sun’s heat during the trek. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle, although we do provide mineral water throughout the hike. Casual or sports shoes are suitable for the terrain; there’s no need for boots. Additionally, dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions to ensure comfort throughout the journey.


Proceed to the Pumdikot Shiva Statue

Begin your day with a short drive to the Pumdikot Shiva Statue. Take a fascinating half-day tour of the charming city of Pokhara, hidden amidst the breathtaking Himalayan ranges. Your experience begins when your city tour guide takes you from your accommodation and sets the wheels in motion at the towering Phumdikot Shiva statue. As you ascend, the expectation grows, for at an altitude of 1500m, a massive marvel awaits: the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva himself. Marvel at its magnificence, and if the weather permits, prepare to view a spectacular panorama of the entire Himalayan range, a sight that will stir the soul.

Descend to the Japanese Peace Stupa (pagoda):

Descending from this cosmic height, your path takes you to the calm Japanese Peace Stupa, a beacon of peace built by Japanese Buddhists. Discover the immense significance of this monument, which spans cultures and countries, in these calm surroundings. Immerse yourself in Buddha’s teachings as you piece together his life story, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the Pokhara Valley and the shimmering Fewa Lake. And, if fortune favors your travel, expect to be astounded by the Himalayan peaks that line the horizon, forming a landscape of outstanding magnificence. 

Descend to Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:

The adventure continues as you explore the strange depths of the Gupteshore Mahadev cave, an underground labyrinth steeped in tradition and lore. Explore the mystical depths of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. Witness the sacredness of the cave and admire the unique rock formations. Descend into its chilly embrace to discover ancient formations whispering antiquity. View the ethereal cascade of Davi’s Fall from the cavern’s depths, a sight that is both beautiful and humbling, showcasing nature’s beauty. 

Continue to Devi’s Fall:

Visit Devi’s Fall, a mesmerizing natural attraction where cascading water unveils nature’s beauty. Take some time to appreciate the surroundings and capture the scenic views. 

As the day’s excursions come to an end, satisfy your hunger with a scrumptious buffet of Tibetan cuisine at a modest restaurant situated in the Tibetan village. Allow the flavors to carry you to faraway locations as you appreciate each bite, a wonderful conclusion to your sensory adventure across Pokhara.

After lunch, we can either walk or take a taxi back to Lakeside. It is entirely your choice.

This well-rounded itinerary aims to provide a mix of natural wonders and cultural insights, ensuring a memorable journey through Pokhara’s diverse landscapes. Adjust the schedule based on your preferences and the time you’d like to spend at each location. 

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