A brief intro  to Tibetan Medical System

A brief intro to Tibetan Medical System

Tibetan medicine
The Tibetan Medical System or Sowa Rigpa (in Tibetan) is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world with a history dating back to 200 BC. It is also one of the three principal systems of medicine in Asia. Closely linked with the spiritual philosophy of Buddhism, the Tibetan Medical System is based on the book rGyud-bZHi or the Four Tantras written by Yuthog Yonten Gonpo. The book was first published in the 8th century and remains the fundamental medical text even today. This text was based primarily on Tibet’s indigenous medical system, but it also incorporated various Asian medical traditions. The experiences and observations of the early Tibetan inhabitants who discovered natural remedies for nearly all types of health problems formed the basis for the Tibetan medical system.…
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