Pokhara Tibetan Day Tours

The Tibetan Encounter day tours are a unique opportunity to spend a day in local Tibetan communities in Pokhara, because you will learn about their rich cultural heritage. We run tours seven days a week.

Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their philosophies and ways of life, because of their dedication to preserving their culture.

It’s certainly a great way to spend your time if you’re curious. For this reason, keep us in mind when you’re looking for things to do in Pokhara Nepal.

Highlights include:
  • First of all, our tours are not sightseeing tours around the Tibetan villages. Our tours are based on Tibetan educational and cultural tours.
  • Visiting Tibetan refugee settlements around Pokhara valley to learn and understand how Tibetan people are living in Nepal and how well Tibetan people have kept their Tibetan language, identity, and their Buddhist culture.
  • One will also learn the meanings of different Buddhist signs and symbols that are so important in their daily life.  Such as prayer wheels, prayer flags, stupas, etc.
  • Learn about Buddhist monks’ life in their monastery and their monastic education as well as experience Buddhist monks’ prayer chanting.
  • Taste typical Tibetan food in a local family, and learn how Tibetan make their butter tea while hearing about their life and struggles in Nepal.
  • Meeting a Tibetan doctor and learning about traditional Tibetan medicine, treatment, and diagnosis. One will also experience first-hand pulse reading from a Tibetan doctor.
  • Learning how Tibetan people for the first time introduce hand-made Tibetan carpets in Nepal and the carpet-making process from raw sheep wool till its finished products.
  • One can also read all our previous guest reviews from TripAdvisor and our google map business location. Our tours are also highly recommended in the lonely planet guidebook of Nepal.

In addition, all our tours include meals, shuttle service to and from hotels, and transportation.

Accordingly, please choose from our popular tours on the right menu. Moreover, you can contact us for a customized tour as you like.

Tibetan Encounter Day Tours

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