Experience a Pokhara Tour of a Tibetan Refugee Settlement

A Tibetan Encounter Pokhara tour of refugee settlements provides a rich experience of Tibetan culture. This culture is rich, and the Tibetan people are very proud of it, and they put great effort in preserving it. This culture forms the basis of their identity which makes them distinct from people who come from other regions. The major notable aspect about Tibetan culture is that it is characterised by a strong traditional background.

Recent Pokhara tour group enjoys Tibetan tea at a the home of a local Tibetan family
Recent Pokhara tour group enjoys Tibetan tea at a the home of a local Tibetan family

The culture of Tibetan people is rich and is admired by many people. Measures are taken to preserve this culture and people from different places can learn a lot in terms of cultural exchange. The Tibetan people have their unique lifestyle which makes them self-reliant. These people also have their natural remedies to issues related to health care.

Cultural tours also help you gain in-depth knowledge about the Tibetan culture. You will certainly enjoy touring the settlements as well as tasting some Tibetan food. The other cultural aspects you are likely to encounter include visiting the Tibetan doctor, discovering their cultural and spiritual life. The people of Tibetan mainly rely on traditional medicine. The Tibetans believe in the secretive tantric religion for spiritual guidance in whatever they do. Visitors can also get the opportunity to meet the Buddhist Monk.

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