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The Tibetan Encounter tours are unique opportunity to spend a day in a local Tibetan community in Pokhara, and learn about our rich cultural heritage. Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their dynamic philosophies and way of life in order to preserve their culture.

Highlights include:

  • Visiting a monastery and conversing with a Buddhist monk. Experience their ritual chanting.
  • Enjoying Tibetan food with local families. Hear about their life and struggles.
  • Meeting a Tibetan doctor and learn about traditional medicine.

All tours include meals, shuttle service to/from hotels, and transportation.

Please choose from our popular tours on the right menu. Or contact us for a customized tour.

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Tour of Tibetan Settlements in Pokhara
Experience life in the settlements.
Making round for the yarn wool.
Tibetan meal in Pokhara, Nepal
Enjoy meal in a Tibetan family.
Consultation with Tibetan doctor
Buddhist monastery during tour in Pokhara, Nepal
Meet with a Buddhist monk.
Conversation with Buddhist monk



Taking rest after the circumambulation around the monastery
Making Noodles